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The Fundamentals of Beer Tap Cleaning

Beers taps are an important part of draft beer equipment as they make pouring drinks easier. Keeping them clean is essential for maintaining the quality of the beer. With time yeast may grow within the lines and give the beer a funny taste.

Lancer Worldwide has the best beer tap system in Australia and they work efficiently for a long time. To maintain efficiency the beer tap system should be cleaned at least once in two weeks.

Here are three ways of cleaning the beer tap system.

Cleaning tap line:

Turn off the carbon dioxide and remove the coupler where it is connected to the keg. Unscrew the beer hose.

You can rent or purchase a recirculating cleaning pump. Use it to circulate the cleaning solution through the lines and it will get rid of mold, yeast, bacteria, and beer stones. After pumping let the solution sit in the lines for about twenty minutes. Run water through the lines a couple of times and the beer taps will be cleaned.

Clean tap and coupler:

Remove the tap using a tap wrench. After removing the tap from the beer tower get rid of the coupler and disconnect beer lines from the keg.

Get a cleaning solution like ultrasonics, sanitizing tablets or hypochlorous acid, and soak the coupler and tap in it. Soak them overnight and use a kitchen brush to get rid of any debris. Rinse tap and coupler with clean water. Reconnect them and it will be ready to use.

Buy equipment or expertise:

Buy a beer cleaning kit and solution. They come with all the essential tools and instructions.

Just like you can hire professionals for beer tap system installation, you can hire tap line cleaners. Invest in beer cleaning solutions.

Lancer Worldwide, Australia is helping bars get back to business with a special Beer Systems Start Up offer. An array of services such as Beer System Line cleaning and cleaning of tap and keg couplers are included in the offer. To request a quote or consultation, call us on +61 8 8268 1388 or email us on Make sure to website for more details.

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